What else you need to know about apples

What else you need to know about apples

What else you need to know about apples

  • Green ones are more useful than red ones. They contain more valuable substances. In addition, they do not cause allergies, so they (or their juice) are recommended to give even the youngest children and pregnant women.

  • Sweet Apple varieties are good for kidney, liver, and cardiovascular diseases, and sour varieties are good for obesity and diabetes.

  • Apples can partially compensate for the harm from tobacco: they contain antioxidants that protect the lungs from nicotine. Noticed: Apple lovers ' lungs work much better.

  • Apples increase the body's resistance to radiation.

  • Apples are second only to sea products in terms of iodine content. It is especially abundant in Apple seeds. They say that if you eat 5-6 Apple seeds a day, the daily need for iodine will be fully satisfied.

  • It is established that the juice of Antonov apples destroys the microbes that cause dysentery.

  • Especially valuable are the varieties "Antonovka" and "Semerenko", in which all the nutrients are preserved for several months after they are removed